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The Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. is the regional economic development group representing the City of Richmond and the Counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico.

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Cultural Clubs


Hope for Humanity, Inc.
A Richmond nonprofit organization providing educational opportunities for southern Sudanese, living in the US, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan.

Ibn Rushd Cultural Center
This organization helps Arabs who are new to the area adapt to American culture and teaches them the subtleties of life in America. This organization also supports efforts to educated Americans about Arab culture.


Asian American Society of Central Virginia
The Society promotes, strengthens, and enhances relationships among the Asian communities in Richmond by promoting and sponsoring civic, business, cultural, and educational programs throughout the Central Virginia Region.

Virginia Asian Advisory Board
This organization’s mission is to inform the Governor on issues affecting the state’s Asian-American Community. The Governor appoints volunteers to this organization.


Ekoji Buddhist Sangha
Ekoji Buddhist Sangha in Richmond houses a multi-denominational community of Buddhist and Buddhist-inspired groups, including Jodo-Shin Pure Land, Vipassana, Tibetan, Zen, and Meditative Inquiry. All are open to the public. Meditation instruction is also offered.


Organization of Chinese Americans Central Virginia Chapter
This organization promotes civic participation, education, and leadership in the Asian-American community, while showcasing its rich cultural heritage through public events.

The Richmond Chinese Network
A community network group that has a website containing listings of Chinese organizations, churches, clubs, and other useful information for the Richmond Chinese community.


Danish Club of Central Virginia
Provides assistance to Danes who have recently emigrated to the United States, are studying in the area, or traveling on a visitor’s visa in the Central Virginia area.


Filipino-American Association of Central Virginia (FAACV)
Actively works to cultivate the cultural, educational, religious, and civic responsibilities of all its members and associates within the Filipino community.


Alliance Francaise, Chapitre Rochambeau
Encourages cultural, intellectual, and artistic exchanges between the USA and France and other French-speaking countries.

The Richmond French Meetup Group
A language group for adults who speak some French and want to practice.


Gesang-Verein Virginia
The Männerchor Gesang-Verein of Virginia was founded in Richmond on July 2, 1852, and began as a German men's singing society. The club has changed somewhat over the years, and is today primarily a social club with limited emphasis on singing.


Association of Jamaicans in Richmond
Fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie among Jamaicans, and other Caribbean peoples in the Richmond metropolitan area.


The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond
The Federation has served as the central address of the area’s Jewish community since 1935. The Federation is a voluntary association of social agencies, organizations, and synagogues that works to ensure the continuity and well being of Richmond’s vibrant Jewish community.

Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center
This community center offers classes ranging from group fitness to cultural arts for members of all ages, while also hosting summer camps and other events that are grounded in traditional Judaic values.


Association of Hispanic-Americans of Richmond (AHAR)
Its main purpose it to acclimate recent Hispanic immigrants and educate the community about Hispanic culture.

Latin Ballet of Virginia
The Latin Ballet of Virginia performs professionally throughout North and South America while also providing dance classes that range from “Dance as Therapy” to “English as Second Language through Dance”. The Latin Ballet of Virginia also strives to help increase access to the arts for low-income families through scholarship programs.


India Association of Virginia
A nonprofit organization committed to organizing community events for individual & professional development of the Indian community.

Hindu Center of Virginia
The center caters to various needs of the Hindu community in Richmond.


Central Virginia Iranian American Society
The society’s primary purpose is the appreciation and promotion of the Persian culture.


Friendship Force of Richmond Handshake
Offers members a chance to host or be home-hosted internationally and domestically.

International Student Exchange
Places and supervises high school foreign exchange students with host families.


Irish American Society of Greater Richmond
The Society participates in Irish and Celtic community events and holds monthly membership meetings for the local Irish community.


Islam - Masjid Bilal
Masjid Bilal is an urban-based mosque with community outreach initiatives that include community feeding monthly. In addition, the mosque offers an adult career development program designed to aid individuals in their transition from welfare to work. All services are open to the public.

Islamic Center of Virginia
Built in 1990, this mosque offers Islamic and Interfaith awareness programs amongst local churches, schools, and prisons. The program offers Islamic discussion groups for adults and youth along with full-time Islamic school. The group also supports programs to raise relief funds for disasters.


Italian American Cultural Association of Virginia
An organization for those who appreciate Italian culture and welcomes members from every nationality, race, and religion. Besides holding book clubs and luncheons, the Association also assists deserving young persons of Italian-American descent in furthering their educational pursuits through scholarships.

Order of the Sons of Italy, Giuseppe Verdi Lodge
The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) is the largest and longest-established national organization for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States. Its missions include encouraging the study of Italian language and culture in American schools and universities; preserving Italian American traditions, culture, history and heritage; and promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy.


Japan-Virginia Society
This organization is dedicated to developing international cooperation, cultural understanding, trade, and investment between the citizens and businesses of Japan and Virginia.


Korean-American Society of Greater Richmond
This Society is actively involved in connecting Korean communities with various community projects, festivals, education, and social services. The Society also provide cultural programs to local museums and schools as well as translation services to the community.


Mediterranean Society of America Inc.
The Society’s mission is to promote, encourage, and develop a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the history and culture of Western Civilization.


Scottish Society of Richmond
The Society provides a gathering place for those of Scottish background to meet and enjoy their colorful Scottish heritage.

Saint Andrews Society of Richmond
This Society promotes Scottish events, strives to preserve Scottish culture and tradition, and provides educational assistance to the community. The society is open to all individuals who are interested in Scotland.


Thai Community
804-355-4559 ext.33

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